Benidorm – The Game

Benidorm’s first ever board game bringing you all the ups and downs of life in Benidorm

The brave live here only the lucky survive

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Visit All Your Favourite Places

Get to relieve those memories of the many streets, bars and restaurants you’ve visited. Build your own businesses, pay wages, charge for food and drink and work your way up to owning your own Benidorm hotel chain, who will be the ultimate tycoon and who will end up broke sleeping on the Levante beach or will you survive and become a famous TV celebrity, working your way up as an extra on Benidorm.

Over 100 Benidorm Cards To Choose

Follow in the footsteps of those that have lived in Benidorm and the trials and tribulations of daily life, some times fun, sometimes disastrous but all authentic to life in Benidorm. Buy luxury or not so luxury items in the shopping areas and trade up during the game and maybe you will own a villa by the sea or will you still be sleeping in a tent by the end of the game

The Game Has It All

Visit the theme parks, end up on Peacock island, work the many jobs in Benidorm and have fun trying to make it and become the richest of them all. Find many places that you may not even know yet and mark them down for your next visit to Benidorm. One thing is for sure, you may not be able to come to Benidorm today so we’ll send Benidorm to you and when one day soon you are ready to return you will have so much more to do and explore that you never knew before.

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